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What Can You Do?

For anyone visiting family or friends...nothing is more appreciated than someone who helps without asking, without prompting; and, who instinctively knows when to pitch in, set the table, take the trash out, get the kids ready for bed, vacuum, clean up the kitchen--you get the drift!

Give Anonymously

What would happen if we just chose one person a day to give a compliment, a free cup of coffee, a smile in passing, a little treat on their desk while studying, a flower. Even within your family or circle of friends take care of their chores, fold their laundry unsuspecting, wash the dishes when no one is looking--we could change the world!

Stay Awhile

Find a reason to invite someone over during winter break. Visit an old friend. Sit down instead of rushing off (unless you are not welcome). Spend some time.

Toast The Holidays

What could possibly be more 'holiday-ish' than sitting around the fire, telling stories, reminiscing, roasting chestnuts (or marshmallows)? Invite some friends to shoot the breeze. See who's home from college or on their way. Make time connect with old friends!

Handling Chores

Take a load off of your mother's, roommate's, friend's, sibling's, father's back; and, offer to get the job done for a day, a week, a month...for being mature...I don't know! Just make their life a little easier, especially if your gift budget is running on empty!

Reducing Cost

Roommate, parents, spouses, or anyone else affected by your habits that contribute to your commitment to do better--not just for the cash, but to make a difference and leave a lesser carbon print! 

Snowball Battle

Print several of these coupons to gather a group of folks to get outside! Leave a treat and meet them for a game of ultimate frisbee or football; or, if you live in the colder climates...make it a good ol' fashion snowball fight!

Doesn't Take A Genius

The holidays really aren't that complex. And it doesn't take a genius to make a difference!

It's about peace, giving unconditionally, and making this world a better place--all of which have nothing to do with shopping, spending, getting, and glitter. In my opinion, it boils down to each of us looking critically at ourselves to make that difference in real-time right now.


All I will say for this selective and use common sense! 

Dream Big

Posting a simple coupon / gift card for you to leave on someone's desk or in their locker or mailbox! Encourage them to dream big and never settle for anything less.