Dreaming of Summer

Winter is truly wonderful and magical.  There's something about snow, cold, sledding, holidays, family getting together, reuniting with old friends that is 'priceless', but then January sets in with full spectrum reality.  

The semester resumes.

Start over.

You begin to long for brighter days, sunshine, and summer.


Maybe it's premature to think so far in advance, but I don't.  Summers between college semesters are one of life's greatest gifts if we recognize them as such:  rare and valuable moments of freedom from responsibility, obligations--don't let it pass you by.  

This is the stuff you dream of--hiking through South Africa or Europe, volunteering in South America, studying abroad, learning a new language, experiencing a foreign culture--open your mind and let it wander to the recesses of your dreams to think about how you will spend this coming summer.

Take advantage of doing something great this year--for yourself, for others, for your dreams--discover what it is that makes you tick, makes you real, makes this all worthwhile. 

A few blogs that I have discovered over the last months that I found inspiring, and which made me pause to think about my own life, who I want to be, and what I want to be doing are listed below:  

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