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Acorn Investment App - A Novel Idea For Spare Change

In the past I have written (and begged you) to begin your savings early, because at your age the benefit of time and compounding sooooooo outweighs even the biggest salary you may earn when you have climbed the corporate ladder or developed the trendiest app!  You can play "catch up" with large funds when you are older, but nothing will be sweeter than having invested  little early on only to be rewarded big later on!

Ball And Chain

Its so easy to sign up.  Maybe even needed to get a credit score and credit history established.  It's so easy to swipe the plastic, hit the 'Buy Now' button, and to convince yourself you need something when you don't.

Double A Penny

Wanna make a quick $10,000,000? Just start with a penny and double the amount each day for 31 days!

Cash Employees

One aspect of my own financial education that completely transformed my perspective on the money I earn is when I read 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' and started focusing on having my hard-earned cash 'work for me rather than having myself work for money'.  Whether in stock accounts or retirement accounts or in the little properties I eventually acquired--the goal was (and remains) to have money working for me, i.e. creating more cash that compounds and makes more cash.

Holiday Smarts

Holidays don't have to ruin your student budget.  Try to make the most of the festivities and time off to boost your financial status.  These tips and ideas made a lot of sense.  See what you think!