Under The Mistletoe Part 1

There's something about holiday parties, singing Auld Lang Syne and standing under the mistletoe that makes everyone believe they're "in love" or going to find "that special someone" this season.  We all want to think our love life is something out of a scene from Serendipity or New Year's Eve but alas…that's Hollywood, and you are you.  


As tempting as mistletoe or one-night stands may be, avoid the gifts that 'keep on giving':

1. Chlamydia / Gonorrhea

  • These 2 little gems are like best friends.
  • You don't even know you have them.  Silent buddies if you will.
  • Your partners don't know either. They can spread the joy, too.
  • PID (pelvic inflammatory disease), pelvic pain and infertility…forever.  
  • It's treatable, once you know you have it.
  • It's preventable with proper condom use.

2. Genital Herpes

  • Isn't it wonderful to be reminded, relive moments of bliss and ecstasy?
  • Herpes can do that for you, regularly, monthly, or with anything that triggers a visit
  • You don't know you've been exposed--sometimes for years
  • Your partners don't know either.
  • It burns, itches and blisters even before you see the rash.
  • Herpes is a wonderful friend. Loyal to you. Year after year.
  • It's treatable but not curable.
  • It's partially preventable with proper condom use, avoiding sex when you have an active outbreak, but sadly, herpes is also transmittable when lesions are absent, so use condoms at all times.

3. Syphilis

  • Three's a charm--isn't that the saying?
  • Primary Stage I:  A painless ulcer at the point where syphilis first met you.  
  • Secondary Stage II:  Sores and rashes
  • Frequently faint in appearance or associated with fever, swollen lymph glands, headaches, hair loss, and fatigue.  You might even lose some weight.
  • Tertiary / Latent Stage III:  Can appear 10-30 years after the original infection.
  • Cherish the memory of unrestrained passion as you develop dementia, numbness, difficulty coordinating movements, paralysis, and death.
  • It's treatable if recognized.
  • It's partially preventable with proper condom use (if the condom covers the sore)
  • Douching, a "good scrub down" after sex, urinating after sex will not prevent it.

4. HIV and Hepatitis

  • These are friends who love hanging out with the cool kids above.
  • No cure for either of these.
  • Partially preventable with proper condom use, avoiding intravenous drugs or sharing needles (whether for drugs or getting a tattoo).

5. Pregnancy

  • The ultimate gift that keeps on giving.
  • Night after night
  • Day after day
  • All-consuming responsibility for the next 18 years of your life
  • 100% preventable.

Be smart this holiday season.  Get yourself checked.  Parents aren't hoping to be grandparents.  Put a condom on it.  Or leave the party alone--100% guaranteed protection!

For more info go to www.cdc.gov

Happy Healthy Holidays!!

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