Doesn't Take A Genius

The holidays really aren't that complex. And it doesn't take a genius to make a difference!

It's about peace, giving unconditionally, and making this world a better place--all of which have nothing to do with shopping, spending, getting, and glitter. In my opinion, it boils down to each of us looking critically at ourselves to make that difference in real-time right now.

How am I living my life? Do I create peace or discord? Do I give or do I expect? Do I make those around me better or wish they hadn't met me?


I struggle not to be cynical when I see the news and events around me, but I am not hopeless, because I can control my response and in a small way ensure that I am doing my part if I truly care.

Have a great weekend. Share a cup of coffee, or tea, with someone this weekend and see how they are doing. Sit on the couch to catch up instead of joining the crowds downtown.

It doesn't take a genius to make a difference!!