Happy St Nicholas Day

 St Nick's Day is not a tradition much celebrated in the US, but I think it merits re-consideration since it's patron, St Nicholaus, is known as the 'protector of children' and 'bringer of gifts' in Western Europe, and December 5th or 6th is considered the presumed birthday of this patron saint.  

Typically, in the days leading up to Dec 5th / 6th, St Nicholas was said to come to town with a sack full of goodies, i.e. marbles, toys, chocolates, fruits, cookies, and small gifts to distribute to those children who had behaved during the year.   For the misbehaved, he gave lumps of coal or dolled out 'switches'.

Thus, on the eve of Dec 6th, children put their shoes by the chimney or outside their doors in hope that St Nick would leave a few coins or treats for the morning. 

Happy St Nick's Day! Go out and bring a gift to a friend, colleague, family member, regardless if they have been naughty or nice! Use my coupon design to attach a message. Print, cut, give!