Acorn Investment App - A Novel Idea For Spare Change

In the past I have written (and begged you) to begin your savings early, because at your age the benefit of time and compounding sooooooo outweighs even the biggest salary you may earn when you have climbed the corporate ladder or developed the trendiest app!  You can play "catch up" with large funds when you are older, but nothing will be sweeter than having invested  little early on only to be rewarded big later on!

However, opening an investment account is not always easy.  You typically have to have a starting "minimum" or auto-draft or a regular income or job or other requirement, thus, making it difficult to begin at all.

But here's the deal, we all have a coin jar, right??? Where we stash the extra pennies? So, why not invest those dimes and nickels? Wouldn't it be great if you could take your pocket change and drop it into an investment account? This is where Acorn comes in!  

Similar to major bank offers to "round up" your payments and save the extra change, Acorn makes the same offer, but invests your cash into ETFs with varying degrees of risk based on a short survey of your financial life / health / situation / goals.  

No account minimums. No commissions. Dividends are automatically reinvested into your portfolio. Acorn charges $1 / month after you begin investing and 0.25 - 0.50% of your investment annually. 

You do need a banking / checking account, but the sign-up process is pretty straight forward. Something to think about. Yet another option for early investing. 

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Currently the Acorn App is FREE and is only available for iPhone iOS devices with iOS 7 or higher.  App for Android pending.


I have no financial income / benefit / investments / royalties in the Acorn company or parent company. I currently use Acorn App for personal investing of my pocket change and "round-ups". As with any financial investment,  I would recommend researching any investment opportunity before making a cash investment, including Acorn, and I would suggest consulting with a financial advisor if you are unclear with any of this information or hesitant to invest with any kind of risk.  All investments pose risk of loss.